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5 Tips for Law Firm Website Optimization

In a digital world, service businesses increasingly rely on their website to convert clients. Attorneys are no exception to this rule.  Your law firm’s website is your digital office front. It’s where a prospective client will go to learn about your legal service and determine whether you’re trustworthy and credible. But that won’t ever happen […]

How to Write Effective Legal Blog Posts

In the hypersaturated digital legal space, ranking highly on search engines has become a greater challenge than ever. No longer can firms simply churn out keyword-implemented content and have a successful SEO strategy.  Now, Google’s algorithm prioritizes high-quality legal professional content. It must be relevant, accurate, up to date, and most importantly, engaging legal topics. […]

How to Write Law Firm Website Copy that Converts

When a potential client searches for legal advice or representation, they’ll likely begin the hunt online.  Long gone are the days of traditional advertising and directories for your law practice. Now, a legal firm’s website acts as its digital storefront and calling card for new clients. It needs to create a lasting impression whether the […]

7 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs CRM

Today, growing a legal firm is a monumental undertaking.  Thanks to increased marketplace competition and digitalism, it’s easier than ever for would-be clients to quickly shop around for the right attorney. Similarly, a current client’s loyalty can be easily tested, especially when there are so many “better,” “cheaper,” and “more available” options advertised.  Law firms […]

How to Create a Robust Legal Intake Process

Investing in marketing can bring an abundance of leads to your law firm. But are you prepared to handle them?  If your legal intake process isn’t properly optimized, you may lose many leads along the way. In turn, an inadequate intake process can drag down your entire marketing campaign’s ROI.  In this article, we’ll review […]

How to Automate Your Law Firm’s Followups

For law firms, success depends on retaining current clients while fostering a steady pipeline of new leads. But with so much competition in the legal marketplace, you need to stand out to convert new clients.  When it comes to acquiring new clients, a lot of legal firms fail to follow up with prospects that don’t […]

8 Law Firm Marketing Statistics That Might Surprise You

The landscape for legal marketing is constantly evolving. And the past year has only added to the rapid shift toward digital marketing efforts across all legal practice areas. Because of this continuous shift in the marketplace, it’s essential to stay up to date with the most recent trends and strategies.  To that end, here are […]

Lawyer Marketing: 5 Things You Can Do to Start Seeing Traffic & Results

Even before COVID-19, there was a migration-of-sorts in the legal world—a strategic transition away from traditional advertising methods and into digital marketing channels. Then, a year-long pandemic hit, shifting consumer behavior and fundamentally altering the way legal firms were able to market themselves.  Naturally, this accelerated the ongoing march into the digital space. As an […]

Immigration Law Firm Marketing 101

As an immigration lawyer, you provide an invaluable service helping immigration clients apply for residency and citizenship, sort through employment issues, and fight deportation. Many people can benefit from your immigration law services—if they’re actually able to find you. If your practice’s law firm website isn’t getting discovered, your marketing approach could be to blame. […]

How to Market Yourself as an Attorney

As an attorney, it doesn’t matter how reputable your law firm is. You’ll face challenges if you aren’t proactive about marketing your business online. When a potential client is looking for a reliable attorney, they are most likely to search online than to open the directory. Do phone directories even exist anymore? It’s beneficial to […]