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Facebook vs Google Ads For Family Law Attorneys

For many law firms, Facebook marketing – or any type of social media marketing, for that matter – often goes overlooked. In fact, many lawyers put any sort of social media efforts on the “pay no mind” list, figuring it isn’t a legitimate tool for reaching a potential client. However, they couldn’t be further from […]

Marketing For Divorce Attorneys: The Importance Of Digital Marketing Strategies

Practicing divorce law successfully requires a great deal of knowledge, precision, and research capabilities in order to provide the best experience for your clients. What many lawyers realize too late, however, is that business success also demands one more very important component: a divorce marketing plan for your services. While the power of word-of-mouth advertising […]

PPC & SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Whether you’re a veteran lawyer or a newbie, you need clients to pay the bills. Finding people who need your services is a time consuming process that can eat into your productivity if you haven’t formed an effective strategy. While you may have a basic understanding of marketing principles, a bad marketing campaign can be […]

Marketing Ideas for Bankruptcy Attorneys

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo practitioner, a small law firm, or a big legal company—marketing your legal service is crucial for growing your business. While your expertise may be valuable navigating complex bankruptcy law, understanding the nuances of how to create a bankruptcy lawyer marketing strategy requires an entirely different kind of expertise.  […]