Facebook vs Google Ads For Family Law Attorneys

For many law firms, Facebook marketing – or any type of social media marketing, for that matter – often goes overlooked. In fact, many lawyers put any sort of social media efforts on the “pay no mind” list, figuring it isn’t a legitimate tool for reaching a potential client. However, they couldn’t be further from the truth: online platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads are some of the most effective ways to reach a diverse audience for family law firm attorneys.

With so many people on their smartphones and laptops at any given time, ignoring the benefits of social media can actually handicap your firm’s success. By strategically implementing social media and digital advertising into your marketing campaign, law firms can enhance their reputation in numerous ways. Whether your office is seeking new employees, looking to establish your firm’s online presence, or simply soliciting new business, exploring the perks of digital marketing is something every firm should consider.

The Importance Of Social Media & Family Attorneys: Is It Worthwhile?

It should come as no secret that your legal practice is, by default, social in nature – your very existence depends upon interacting with people on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s a natural fit to engage potential (and existing) clientele via digital advertising. In order to get in front of your target audience, creating the appropriate online reputation is seminal to your law firm’s growth and success. Additionally, many law firms build business relationships with clients, other lawyers and their community through referrals, further illustrating the social nature of the legal service industry. Simply put, social media is definitely a worthwhile tool for family law attorney practices – but how exactly, you may be asking, does it work?

  • Strength in numbers: Whether you’re trying to appeal to a very niche market or a broad array of prospective clients, Facebook advertising is a great way to engage potential clientele. As the biggest social media network in the world – two billion users and counting – it makes it fairly easy for law firms to reach their target audience. However, it is worth considering an internet marketing specialist to develop a customized family law campaign for your legal firm.
  • Powerful lead generation: Another benefit of Facebook advertising: targeted marketing. Whether your firm is focused on uncontested divorce clients, mediation, and/or high net worth divorce clientele, there are numerous divorce marketing techniques that can be implemented to attract the appropriate prospects to your law firm. Once sufficient data has been collected through Facebook’s algorithms and other lead generation tools, it can not only help to convert site traffic, but track ROI in real time. And because you can create ads that reach a specific demographic, it enables law firms to dial in their efforts when rolling out a new ad campaign. By raising brand awareness, engaging with users, updating posts frequently and keeping content marketing efforts relevant, a successful marketing campaign can become a valuable lead generation for your law firm in no time.
  • DIY capabilities: As we’ve covered, creating your law firm’s own Facebook page is a useful tool that is both easy and cost-effective. For example, did you know that you can begin advertising on Facebook for just $10? However, it’s important to learn how to use the right type of content to attract – and retain – your clientele. Posting useful content (such as educational blogs or a quiz that generates a buzz online) is not only a great way to engage your audience, but allows your firm to stand out from the competition. Promoting your services in family law takes practice, a can-do approach, and a lot of research, but for firms willing to put in the efforts, you can build trust (and your reputation) through your Facebook profile.

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Marketing For My Law Firm?

Law firm Facebook marketing is a great way to attract new clients to your firm. With so many marketing benefits, using Facebook business applications for your law firm is almost a no-brainer. Learn why a Facebook ad campaign is more beneficial to you as a family law attorney than a PPC ad campaign. Below, an overview of some of the advertising highlights Facebook can offer your family law practice:

Builds trust: When it comes to establishing a relationship with any consumer – whether it’s advertising a commodity or a service – using meaningful and educational content helps to build trust with your audience. What’s more, in order to be perceived as an authority in the legal industry, it is becoming increasingly more important to develop a strong online presence through targeted marketing strategies. However, many law firms are faced with the challenge of determining what type of promotions they should use in order to build their firm’s voice and brand. Fortunately, Facebook ads offer user-friendly tools for your office to share meaningful content that goes beyond the basics. By opting for marketing strategies that are both informative and entertaining, it helps to engage a potential client, and in turn, build your reputation – as well as trust – amongst your readership.

Saves money: You may have heard of pay-per-click – or PPC ad – advertising, an online ad tool in which the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on one of their ads. While there are several different types of law firm PPC advertising campaigns, they are both competitive and expensive. The good news? Facebook advertising is a way more affordable option than PPC marketing to market your family law firm. For example, did you know that the average cost of click-generated Facebook ads is around $2.15? Compared to Google ads for family law firm attorneys (which can run up to $40 a click when implementing legal service industry-targeted keyword phrases), using Facebook as a social media, advertising/marketing platform is not only multifunctional, but cost-effective.

Facilitates a fast & easy set-up: For anyone who’s worked in advertising, you know how long it takes to create an ad campaign – from rounds of edits to brainstorming sessions, print and digital advertising can take months just to complete the creative process, never mind going live. Even if you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of the ad world, chances are your family law firm is looking for fast results – including an equally-quick set-up. Once again, it’s Facebook for the win – from setting up your account and posting ads to engaging with potential clients, your legal firm’s marketing efforts can be up and running in zero time flat!

Streamlines your marketing efforts: Taking the guesswork out of your social media marketing strategy just got a whole lot easier with Facebook lead ads. This business tool enables you to reach your audience easily on their mobile devices. By allowing your law firm to create customized lead ads, you can target the appropriate clientele and collect quality leads. With a step-by-step Blueprint e-learning course, you can learn how to simplify your office’s lead generation in just 15 minutes.

Targets your desired demographic: From a marketing research perspective, social media is a veritable goldmine for obtaining valuable customer data. So it should probably come as no shock that Facebook is one of the easiest ways to put your law firm in touch with a prospective client – they’ve already gathered tons of detailed data about its users, making its ad platform a powerful marketing tool. Additionally, because Facebook has already identified tons of demographics, behaviors, preferences and interests of its subscribers, it’s that much easier for your law firm to create & aim ads at your target audience. Some of the categories you can use to target your ads include:

  • Age, Language and/or Gender
  • Location
  • Behaviors
  • Connections
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Level of Education

Takes the guesswork out of your ad campaign: For family law practice offices seeking for new and innovative law firm marketing strategies, Facebook is clearly a valuable option worth considering. Not only can a Facebook ad help generate quality leads, track your progress, target an appropriate audience, and save you money, but it’s a fast and easy way to increase your marketing potential. What’s more, it features tutorials and step-by-step guidelines to walk you through the process, taking most of the guesswork out of your ad strategy.

However, there may be times where you require the creative resources of a professional marketing service to elevate your law firm’s marketing campaign. When you need captivating ads, keyword-specific website content, quality banner ads, and other digital strategies to increase your online visibility and reputation, research a reputable internet marketing agency. Together, Facebook’s array of advertising tools and a highly-specialized digital marketing service can help bring your legal firm’s success to the next level.

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