How Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing Can Help You Avoid Problem Clients

As a bankruptcy attorney, you’re working with people through immensely stressful times, and while it can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, you can also get stuck with difficult clients who actively fight your help. At best, these clients require much more work that you can’t bill them for, and at the worst, it can lead to malpractice suits that threaten your livelihood. 


When you don’t have enough clients, it can be tempting to say yes to everyone who comes your way, even if you’re not a good fit for their case. Your marketing efforts can help you find the ideal client and avoid problem clients by setting clear expectations and creating a larger pool of potential clients to choose from. Marketing is a time consuming process, but if you work with a team that specializes in PPC and other marketing tactics, they can work with you to create a campaign that highlights the aspects of your practice that set it apart from the rest and help you establish a brand that attracts the clients you want.

Find your target audience 

The foundation of any marketing campaign should be identifying who your customers are, as well as who they aren’t. Start by asking yourself, who is your ideal client? If you focus on small businesses, it should be clear from the headline on your home page how you can help firms navigate difficult financial times. If you work more with individuals, then you should cater your copy to people seeking help dealing with debt collectors and creating their personal property. If done correctly, this will deter the wrong client from reaching out in the first place. 

Creating your website

Once you’ve established your target audience and developed your brand voice, your marketing team can update your website to accurately reflect who you are. Your bankruptcy law website design should be user friendly and compatible with mobile devices and multiple browsers. But it should also lay out your expectations clearly, so potential clients understand exactly what they need to bring to your first meeting. If your instructions are clearly laid out and a potential client shows up with everything they need at the first meeting, you can feel much more confident in accepting their case.

Use SEO best practices for lead generation

After your website is established, you can turn your attorney marketing ideas into content to draw traffic using SEO best practices. Attorneys rely on customers in their community finding them, so it’s a good idea to incorporate local SEO into your strategy. Local SEO focuses on targeting web users in your area. When your content caters to these keywords, the users are more likely to see your results. 


By creating meaningful content to attract users searching for “bankruptcy attorney in Chicago,” for example, your website will rank higher and users can end up on your landing page. In order for this strategy to be successful, your content marketing will need to produce quality articles that are useful and trustworthy so you can increase our domain authority over time. Content marketing campaigns provide continued value over time, and the more high quality content you add to your page, the higher your incoming traffic will be. 

Referral marketing 

One of the best ways to find a good prospective client is through referrals, especially through an attorney in another practice area. If your client has already worked with another attorney in your area, then you are more likely to have a successful relationship with them. This is a mutually beneficial process, and the better your referrals are, the happier your network will be to return the favor.

Reputation Management

As more and more people rely on searching the internet to find services, they rely more heavily on reviews. If you want to keep a steady stream of new clients coming to your law practice, you’ll need to use reputation management tactics to increase your positive reviews and mitigate the negative ones tactfully. 


A marketing company can help you monitor your online reviews, whether they are on yelp, google, or social media, and respond appropriately to both. It’s much easier for a marketing team to respond with empathy to negative reviews, and they discuss how to get satisfied clients to review your services positively. 


They can also help you incorporate positive feedback into your website to boost their impact. Reviews have a lot of sway, especially for services oriented businesses like mechanics, dentist, and lawyers. The better your reputation, the more customers will come your way, and when you can pick the ones that feel like the best match with your practice, you’ll minimize the risk of negative reviews in the future. 

The bottom line

One of the best things that a carefully planned bankruptcy lawyer marketing campaign can offer is plenty of clients to choose from. It’s often clear from the initial consultation whether someone is disorganized or combative, and if you have plenty of other clients to choose from, you can be firm when you tell them you don’t have room in your schedule for them. 


ConvertIT specializes in designing marketing strategies for attorneys in all areas of practice, and we can address all of your marketing needs. Our PPC team is at your disposal when you need it—without having to sign a contract. We will create an individualized marketing strategy to target your ideal client and generate traffic to your site. And if you don’t see results within the first 30 days, you can cancel for free.