How to Market Yourself as an Attorney

How to Market Yourself as an Attorney

As an attorney, it doesn’t matter how reputable your law firm is. You’ll face challenges if you aren’t proactive about marketing your business online. When a potential client is looking for a reliable attorney, they are most likely to search online than to open the directory. Do phone directories even exist anymore? It’s beneficial to make it easy for clients to find you online by actively marketing your law firm. Below are the leading online marketing strategies for attorneys:

Pay Per Click Advertising

Commonly abbreviated as PPC, pay-per-click advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that you can use to market yourself as an attorney. PPC advertising involves ensuring that your ads pop up in front of the right audience at the ideal time. How can you benefit from PPC advertising for lawyers?

With PPC advertising, you can have your digital ads displayed in numerous places, including affiliate websites, search results, and social media. You will only pay when a prospect or a web visitor clicks the ad. The amount you will pay for the click will vary depending on the keyword the web visitor typed. Certain keywords are more costly than others. 

Currently, there are numerous PPC platforms to choose from, including Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads. PPC advertising is beneficial to both the advertisers as well as the audience. You could do your law firm a lot of good by ensuring that you have well-written and well-designed ads to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

You should consider the target demographic when setting up your PPC ads. The key to successful PPC advertising is knowing your audience and what they are searching for. Your ads might miss the mark if you aren’t sure about what you are looking for.

What are the leading benefits of using PPC advertising? 

  • PPC advertising helps you build brand awareness for your law firm
  • Enables you to control your marketing plan budget – you can spend as much or as little as you like
  • You can experiment with different ads and methods
  • You will get a detailed analysis of how your ads are performing compared to how much you are spending
  • PPC advertising enables you to get your ads in front of the right audience. 

How can you create and manage PPC advertising for your law firm business?

  • You should start by setting your marketing goals. For instance, the main goal for your law firm could be to generate more legal leads per month. Having in place the right goals will set your firm and your marketing campaign up for success.
  • Researching your target audience should be your next step. You cannot set up successful PPC advertising without identifying your target audience. If you aren’t sure about the characteristics of your target audience, you can analyze your competitors and consider who they are targeting. You can also gather client data through research and surveys. 
  • The third step should be to choose your advertising method. You should consider Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads.
  • Select the relevant keywords – because law firms often target clients in a certain location, you should choose keywords that target a specific location. 
  • Set a budget – the money you intend to use in the PPC advertising.
  • Monitor the performance of your PPC advertising and make the relevant changes if necessary. 

Build a Personal Brand

Why is it so important to build a personal brand online? Many law firms can attest that the vast majority of traffic to their websites is directed at their attorneys’ bio pages. After all, potential clients are interested in your capacity as an attorney and not a firm. Clients want to understand who you are as an individual before they finally pick the phone and call you. Every attorney in your law firm should take the initiative to promote their brand online. By doing this, the attorney won’t just appear as generic pictures on your attorney’s website. 

Given that your bio page is where your web visitors will head first, you should ensure that your bio is informative and engaging. A professional attorney’s bio should include: 

  • Your credentials, licenses, and past work history 
  • A professional photo 
  • The relevant keywords to enhance your search engine (SEO) rankings 
  • Links to your social channels and publications
  • A well-stated call-to-action letting your visitors know what you would like them to do

You should also maintain a professional LinkedIn profile. This business-oriented social platform allows you to connect with clients and other professionals in your industry. Complete all your details in your LinkedIn profile, including your work history. Upload a professional-looking photo and outline the services that you provide. Engage in discussions with other industry members and join groups related to your practice. 

Social Media Marketing

Even if you and your employees are on social media, your law firm needs to have social media accounts on leading platforms. The popular social media platforms on which you should market yourself as an attorney include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Social media marketing is an effective way of interacting with your clients online and providing instant feedback to their queries. You should ensure that you monitor your social media platforms and address clients’ concerns within the shortest time. Your responsiveness on social media platforms will determine whether clients want to do business with you. 

Create a professional company page on LinkedIn. Include an attractive banner, logo, and fill out the profile. Encourage your employees and existing clients to follow the page. Update your LinkedIn page regularly with articles from your attorney’s website. You should post current company updates and other interesting news on this platform. 

On Twitter, start by creating an account; follow your clients, professional influencers, and other alliances. Twitter is a great place to gather information about your competitors and to network with clients in real-time. 

You should create a business page for your law firm on Facebook. Invite your friends and clients to like your page by sending a one-time email or message. On your Facebook page, you can share links to articles on your website. You can also introduce interesting topics for discussion to engage your clients on your page. Create Facebook Ads to help you generate legal leads for your website. 

Email Marketing

Every email that you send is a great opportunity to market yourself as an attorney. You shouldn’t let your clients forget about you. Keep sending them relevant information, including Newsletters. It’s important to optimize every aspect of your email. Every email should include a signature containing your contact information. You can choose the appropriate software to help you track your emails. This will help know how many email recipients opened the emails and clicked on the links. 

Optimize Your Web Pages

One of the best ways of marketing yourself as an attorney online is to ensure that your law firm’s website contains all the relevant information that your potential clients might need. You should list on your website all legal services that you provide to clients. 

In addition to having a comprehensive website that outlines everything you offer, you should ensure that your web pages are well optimized. Failing to optimize your web pages means that all the valuable information could be going to waste. Optimizing your pages and ensuring that they are SEO-friendly will help attract the traffic that you need. Use long-tail keywords that clients are likely to search for. 

Get on Legal Directories

Legal directories are efficient digital marketing assets for legal firms. It’s relatively easy to get listings on legal directories. Legal directories serve as reputable sources of information for potential clients. 

You would be surprised on knowing that in addition to being a reliable source of information, legal directories also offer SEO benefits. They will boost the rest of your digital marketing efforts. 

Search engines need to know where you are located to list your law firm among the top results of law firms in your area. The listings in legal directories help search engines to know this. 

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

You can’t succeed in marketing your law firm online if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website. You need to ensure that your website is easily accessible by mobile users. Most potential clients are likely to access your website on mobile devices like tablets and phones. If your site doesn’t load properly on mobile devices, it could lead to a negative user experience, especially when clients urgently need legal assistance. 


You can use many digital marketing strategies to enhance your law firm marketing.  However, the PPC ads are the most effective. PPC advertising allows you to expand your audience and reach out to people you can’t reach through other digital marketing methods.