Marketing Ideas for Bankruptcy Attorneys

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo practitioner, a small law firm, or a big legal company—marketing your legal service is crucial for growing your business. While your expertise may be valuable navigating complex bankruptcy law, understanding the nuances of how to create a bankruptcy lawyer marketing strategy requires an entirely different kind of expertise. 


So how do you reach out to new customers? Your marketing plan should focus on finding the most cost effective way to reach a potential client. While billboards and bench ads may increase your exposure, there are more direct ways to get the message out to your target audience. 


Digital marketing focuses on using the internet to connect with customers online. Digital marketing can include using targeted ads on social media, creating blogs, videos, and infographics for content marketing, as well direct mail marketing using email. At least a third of people looking to hire a lawyer will start by searching the internet, and if your marketing efforts aren’t reaching these people, you’re missing out. 

Under the guidance of a marketing company, you can design multiple strategies and approaches to reach out to customers who are becoming increasingly turned off by traditional advertising campaigns. By creating useful content, you will establish trust with your audience without manipulating them, and they are more likely to reach out when they need help.

Website design

Your website is the foundation for your digital presence, and all of your digital marketing strategies should ultimately lead your customers to your home page. If your website provides a poor customer experience, whether it’s long loading times, incompatibility with mobile browsers, or it simply looks unprofessional, you’re less likely to convert potential clients. A marketing team can help you design logos and provide an attractive layout for your page that presents all of your information in an easy to read way. 


If your current website doesn’t outline your value props and cater to your target audience, then it’s time to update. It should be clear at a glance whether you cater towards individuals, small businesses, or specific paths to debt relief. A marketing company can help you find out how to talk to your audience and develop concise language that delivers your message. They can also provide additional services, such as a live chat, that will enhance the user experience for visitors to your site. 

Content Marketing

A marketing company can help you produce a copy using attorney SEO that targets specific words and phrases someone may type into a search engine. They can work with you to find keywords by analyzing popular search terms. SEO analytic tools can identify which keywords are popular and are easier to compete for higher rankings with other websites. 


A good marketing strategy should produce content that is relevant to your practice, useful to the reader, and establishes you as an expert in the field. For example, a family law firm wouldn’t get much use out of producing content for someone interested in a personal injury law firm. Local SEO targets people searching for specific services in your area, and it will help you avoid competing with other websites that provide more generalized information about the topics you’re covering. 


Your content is about more than informing the reader, it’s about helping them find your website and providing a call to action to get a prospective client to reach out to you for help. Additionally, by producing more content for your website, you will increase your domain authority and have a better chance of showing up on the first page of search results for your target keywords. 

Social media marketing

Staying active on social media will increase your visibility within your local community, and it offers customers quick exposure to your brand. If you don’t post regularly, customers may assume you are no longer in business. If you post the wrong kind of content, then customers may shy away from your practice. Hiring a team with experience managing social media accounts can ensure you are engaging with your audience in a meaningful way and maintaining a positive presence online.


Social media allows you to target highly specific demographics with each ad. From broad things like age, gender, and location, to more precise things such as interests. Choosing the right intersections of your demographics requires planning, and a marketing company can work with you to narrow your field and ensure that only people who are likely to be interested will see your ad. 


If you maintain a presence on several major social media networks, it takes time to provide meaningful responses to comments and questions on your pages, but a marketing company can help.This is a powerful way to increase your engagement and demonstrate the level of care your company is willing to provide. 


Your social media presence is the best way to utilize videos for your practice. Video marketing is something more customers are expecting from all kinds of businesses, and it allows you to showcase your personality and give them an opportunity to meet the faces of your firm. Even something as simple as a video that introduces your legal team will go a long way to convincing customers to reach out to you. 

Live Webinars

Providing free online workshops will demonstrate your authority over various bankruptcy law basics and demonstrate how valuable your services are. If your webinars are designed thoughtfully, and focus on the topics on hand rather than your business, it won’t come off as an advertisement and it will give people the opportunity to reach out to you for more information if they need it. 


There are several services that allow you to host webinars, including Zoom and Adobe Connect, and they all provide options for hosting private chats with interested parties. Once the webinar is complete, you can upload a recording of it to the service to provide continued value for people who missed it. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to convert and retain customers. Customers that sign up for newsletters offer you the chance to deliver valuable information, and because they sign up for updates voluntarily, you don’t have to pay additional revenue for them to see your campaign. Email marketing allows you to share nuanced opinions about the bankruptcy process, updates to your practice or changes in the law, and simply express gratitude to your clients. 


With email marketing, you can develop separate campaigns for different kinds of subscribers. This allows you to differentiate between long time clients, newcomers, or a potential new client, and send them emails accordingly. While email marketing doesn’t necessarily replace additionally direct mail options such as postcards, it can increase your ability to communicate with your customers and share valuable information with an audience that has expressed interest.

Stay active in your community 

While digital marketing is crucial to setting yourself apart from the competition, it doesn’t mean you should ignore more traditional methods of connecting with your target audience. Community involvement will establish you as a neighbor, not just someone who’s looking for their next paycheck. Younger customers strongly prefer working with someone who cares and wants to give back to the community, and many of them will choose your business over strangers happily. 


Sponsoring local plays, dances, or sports team provides a valuable service for the community as well as giving your practice positive exposure. You can also volunteer your services to local nonprofits, host events or fundraisers, and join local boards. A bankruptcy attorney has to help clients through difficult times, and most people will prefer to work with someone who has demonstrated their compassion.   

Referral marketing campaigns

There is a wide customer base that relies on referrals for every service they seek, whether it’s an honest mechanic, a good dentist, or an attorney. If you’re active in your community, you can maintain good relationships with other local attorneys that specialize in different areas of the law and provide recommendations for each other. 


However, many people that hire a bankruptcy attorney have never hired another attorney in the past. Offering incentives for existing clients to give you a referral is a good way to use your existing network to expand your business. 


Additionally, case studies that demonstrate how you’ve helped clients in difficult situations in the past can be as convincing as a referral, and they should be featured on your website to help you establish credibility. Following up with a client testimonial let’s your customers speak for you from personal experience, and it has a big impact on potential clients.

Public Records

The Public Access to Court Electronic Records services allows you to scan through current bankruptcy cases once they are filed, for a small premium. You can use this service to search for potential customers in your area and create an outreach campaign to offer your services for those in need. You can use the same value propositions that you’ve developed for your website to let them know exactly how you can help with their case and prevent them from losing their personal belongings in the process. 

The bottom line

ConvertIT focuses on developing lawyer marketing tactics, including PPC for bankruptcy attorneys, and we will work with you to increase your online traffic. We are a full service team that can help you with every aspect of your marketing campaign, whether you need to optimize existing content or start from the ground up with a brand new website in a matter of days. 

All of our strategies will be catered to your individual firm and the budget you want to spend. We can work together to turn your law firm marketing ideas into an active campaign to grow your business and establish you as a trustworthy expert in your area, and you’ll never have to commit to a contract. Contact us today to learn more, or get started with a risk free, 30 day trial.