PPC & SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Whether you’re a veteran lawyer or a newbie, you need clients to pay the bills. Finding people who need your services is a time consuming process that can eat into your productivity if you haven’t formed an effective strategy. While you may have a basic understanding of marketing principles, a bad marketing campaign can be worse for your business than none at all. 


Bankruptcy lawyer marketing requires staying competitive with other attorneys in the area to help your service stand out in the crowd, and you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal if you want to make an impact in your area. No matter how talented you are as an attorney, if no one knows about you, it will be hard to stay in business. Connecting with a marketing firm will give you access to experts in the field of PPC & SEO and allow you to grow your online presence and increase your accessibility to people who need help.  


Search engine optimization is the process of making your content easier for users to find by targeting specific searches. A thoughtful SEO campaign means that when a potential client types in keyword phrases related to your legal services, your firm’s website will rank high enough in the search engine results for them to find it and click. Meanwhile, PPC campaigns place ads for your website at the top of the search page any time someone enters a certain query. 

Website Design

The purpose of PPC & SEO is to draw traffic to your website, but if your website is dull and out of date, or it isn’t compatible with mobile devices and a wide range of browsers, you’ll lose out on customers and your PPC & SEO efforts won’t produce the same results. Attorney marketing specialists can provide a modern website design with features such as live chat, link building, informative content, and cohesive branding that speaks to your target audience.


Part of building a successful law firm website is defining your brand and identifying the key aspects of your practice that help you stand out. A law firm SEO expert can help you identify your target audience and connect with them effectively. Whether you focus on individuals, small businesses, or big companies, you want 


Your website should also establish you as a trustworthy authority and should feature all of your accolades, memberships, and client reviews. This will establish you as a trustworthy attorney and encourage new clients to reach out. Once your website is in good shape, you can focus your efforts on developing a marketing campaign to draw traffic and grow your business. 

Understanding SEO strategy

SEO marketing creates content to target organic search traffic rather than relying on paid ads or direct traffic. Whenever you make a query on a search page, the odds are that the pages that rank the highest have put a lot of effort in their SEO marketing strategy. The pages that rank highest will offer useful content that answers users queries and convinces them to reach out to you for help.


An SEO campaign can optimize existing content or produce new content to target keyword phrases relevant that are popular and relevant to your business. By performing an SEO audit, your marketing company can identify which keywords have the least competition from other websites and so you can get a high ranking and create a content marketing plan to target the best search terms. These search terms will rise and fall in popularity in relation to any number of things, and an SEO provider will stay plugged in to trending words to get ahead of the competition. 


The process is complex, and requires a deep understanding of the way search algorithms  deliver results, as well as the way people respond to listings. For example, a good meta description or title tag won’t directly increase your rankings. However people are more likely to click on a page with a catchy title tag and meta description, and the more clicks your page gets, the higher it will rank. 


Once you’re content is created, you can increase its visibility on google through link building. A backlink is a link from another webpage that leads to your site. Attorneys in other fields may be interested in providing you a backlink if you’re willing to do the same, and it acts like a digital referral. Internal linking will signal a search engine which of your pages are the most important and can increase your ranking. 


Digital marketing requires routine updates to provide continuous results, and an SEO specialist can ensure the content on your page remains fresh and up to date with other websites trying to compete for higher rankings. Competing with pages such as Wikipedia, NOLA, or other large websites that provide answers to legal questions is next to impossible. But by focusing your SEO efforts on keywords with lower competition and placing high quality, informative content can be a low cost way to get people to your site. Local SEO is a viable way to avoid competing with large websites, and it allows you to target a potential client that’s searching for services in your area. 


It’s also important to understand the user’s intent behind each keyword and ensure your content is appropriately targeted. Someone who types in a search for If your article doesn’t address users intent appropriately, they are less likely to click on your page, and even less likely to hang around your website for long if they do click. A person that types in “do I need to hire a lawyer to file for bankruptcy” is likely weighing the costs and benefits of spending money on an attorney, so your content should focus heavily on addressing their concerns rather than discussing bankruptcy law basics.

Using PPC Strategy for increased traffic

With a pay per click strategy, you are focusing on targeting ads to certain demographics rather than relying on organic search to drive traffic to your website. Unlike traditional ads, you only pay for placement if someone clicks on it and arrives at your site. A PPC ad will place your page at the top of the google results regardless of your keyword rankings. Research shows that as many as half of people that click on an ad will make a purchase or contact the business


Researching your adwords takes planning and regular updates to ensure you get the most out of your efforts. Keywords are divided into two categories. Short chain keywords are a single word or short phrase, while long tail keywords are more in depth, and they account for the majority of searches. An attorney SEO & PPC specialist will help you create an exhaustive list of relevant search terms to target and help you choose the best keywords for your budget. 


The drawback with using PPC strategy is your results are marked as ads, and a notable percentage of users will scroll past ads to find organic search results. This is why it’s crucial to incorporate PPC and SEO tactics into your campaign. Since you are only paying for ads that users click on, PPC campaigns are an affordable option to expand your reach, and they also provide valuable data for your marketing. You’re able to see exactly which keywords users type in that lead to a click, and you can refocus your efforts as you learn more about how users find you. While SEO tactics will continue to provide results for longer, PPC advertising is a great way to increase your visibility while you work to increase your rankings. 

Using PPC with social media

No matter how you feel about social media for your personal life, it can be a useful tool for connecting with prospective clients in your area, as long as you are careful to abide by your local state’s rules and avoid breaching any ethical guidelines. 


PPC ads can also be used with your social media page to target specific demographics or people with interests related to your legal services. You can also schedule your ads to appear at certain times of day when they may be more effective. A bankruptcy attorney may target businesses during the day time, and individuals later in the day when they are more likely to respond to an ad. 


Your social media page is als useful for sharing the content you create for your SEO campaign, making videos to market your services, and connecting with local businesses or attorneys in different fields to increase your network. 

Marketing expertise when you need it

ConvertIT specializes in providing legal PPC campaigns to draw more traffic to your website and convince a prospective client to reach out. Hiring us gives you a full team of marketers working to turn your attorney marketing ideas into a full-fledged campaign. We offer flexible, a la carte services without the need for a contract. 


We can build your website from scratch, as well as provide updates to increase your client’s user experience. We will work with you to drive up traffic to your website and increase your domain authority, no matter your budget. If you don’t retain clients within the first 30 days, you can cancel for free.