How does the Call Answering service work?

Our partner LEX Reception is a great choice for call answering as they only answer phones for law firms – we have that in common! We can either route our lead calls to you first and if you are not available, the call will automatically rollover to LEX. Or, if you prefer, we can have all lead calls go directly to LEX Reception and they can handle the calls for you. They will retrieve your prospects name, best contact number and the best time to call back. They will send you an email notification like we do and they can even send you a text alert which we highly recommend for instant contact to your leads! We will set this up for you and it takes about 48 hours to go live. There is no cost to you for up to 90 days and we want to show you how committed we are to your campaign’s success. Call our support team for details.

Last Updated On October 30, 2020