Why am I not getting calls this week?

There are several reasons this might happen. Most likely, it is due to your budget. If we are pacing to overspend or we are simply trying to manage your budget over a 30-day cycle, we might need to pause your ad from time to time which will stop phone calls from coming in. Do not be concerned, this is very normal and you can call our support team to ask if your ad is paused. Also, some practice areas are seasonal or perhaps the demand in your market has changed all of a sudden. This can also cause a fluctuation of calls here and there. We have several options available to you if it’s “off-season” for your market or practice area or if the supply and demand has changed. 

(e.g. The holidays are approaching in December and we know family law matters will decline until after the new year, so you might want to pause your ad for 2 weeks and relaunch when the holidays are over and the market picks back up.)

Last Updated On October 30, 2020